Last Updated : 11/04/2010

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Motoman Robot Project

RS TECH's contract was to assist a Japanese Machine Builder by providing 2 automation technicians from Oct 2006 ~ August 2007.  Our support included integration, setup, and trail runs in Japan (3 months - 2006 & 3 wks. - 2007).  In the U.S., we helped with robot placement, wiring, PLC & Robot programming, on-site customer training, achieve production quality, & cycle time requirements (102 seconds per part).  These videos are different processes of line 1A and Line 1B.

Motoman Arc Welding P150     Motoman Robot Video     Motoman Arc Welding P210

This project consists of 4 Main Lines and 10 Sub processes.  All total there are 108 Motoman Robots using the NX 100 controller.

22 - ES165 used as part handling      

      4 - Using a stationary Spot gun

            4 - Using a projection Welding gun

6 - Using Nut Welding       

8 - Straight Part Handling   

    2 - ES165 with Mounted Spot Guns

40 - HP20 all used for Arc Welding

44 - HP6 also used for Arc Welding


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