Last Updated : 11/04/2010

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Subframe Project

5.8meg Video (640x480)

RS TECH's contract was to assist a machine builder by providing 2 technicians for approximately 4 months.  RS TECH provided support for uncrating, wiring, placement, setup, programming, and to achieve the customers production quality and cycle time requirements.

This system consists of 2 lines back to back.  The video is of line 1, 20 Motoman robots.  7 of which were the customer's used UP6/XRC robots, the remaining were new HP-20 & HP-165, NX 100 controlled robots.  In the video the robots are running in safety speed mode for testing.

Total for this one line: 15 arc welding, 1 spot welding, and 4 part handling of which 2 have stationary spot guns.  As previously mentioned, this is a 2 line system and the 2nd line is a mirror image of the 1st.  Total for the entire system, 40 robots.


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