Last Updated : 11/04/2010

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Fanuc and Motoman Robots

RS TECH's contract was to assist a Machine Builder by providing retooling support.  Our support included robot placement, wiring, PLC & Robot programming, on-site customer training, achieve production quality, & cycle time requirements.  These videos are different processes of line.

UH170-190 Video (3.7 meg)     UH200 Video (4.1 meg)

UH220 Video (4.3 meg)     UH Ending Video (5.0 meg)

This system consists of 2 Main Lines.  All total there are 24 Robots.

2 - Motoman UP130 XRC used as Part Handling / Spot Welding

4 - Fanuc S420iF RJ2 Part Handling

6 - Motoman SK-16 MRC for Arc Welding

12 - UP6 XRC also used for Arc Welding


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